Life Insurance: No Doctor Visit or Medical Exam Needed

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Having life insurance coverage can be an extremely important and sometimes a necessary step for people. This is especially true with the reality of unforeseen emergencies and medical expenses. However, getting coverage can be a hassle when you have to get a medical exam done to apply. Applying for life insurance that requires a medical exam can be a lengthy and intrusive process. Consequently, that’s why we love Ethos life. They are a life insurance company that offers policies for life insurance with no doctor visit required.

Medical Underwriting for Life Insurance

Essentially, medical underwriting is an assessment, evaluation, and examination done by insurance companies. They do this to determine the in-depth details of a life insurance cover applicant. Therefore, the process is primarily intended to determine the personal information of the potential client. Furthermore, it assesses their lifestyle and risk profile. It can take about a month or more to complete. However, there is another option that is much easier and quicker.

How to Apply for a life insurance no doctor visit.

A life insurance policy with no doctor visit needed makes the process of applying for life insurance painless. The application for this kind of life insurance policy is also known as a no-med application. All you have to do is apply via mail, phone, or our website. Thus, instead of a physical exam, the insurer uses what they have. This includes your health profile, a medical history, prescription history, etc., to advise on premiums.

Benefits of a No-Exam Life Insurance

It is no surprise that more people are opting for this option. The primary benefits you stand to gain from no-exam life insurance include:

  • Quick underwriting and approval processes
  • More affordable premiums as medical examinations can be costly.
  • Coverage provided for people with underlying or pre-existing conditions
  • A good option for high-risk individuals
  • Skip the inconvenience of scheduling a medical exam and waiting for the results

Learn More About Life Insurance: No Doctor Visit Needed

Getting life insurance coverage can be a great option for many people. And, getting life insurance coverage with no doctor visit needed can be an even better option. So, if you think this offer suits your needs, contact Freeman Insurance Solutions to learn more about getting life insurance with no doctor visit. Also, learn about our other products and services. We are here to help you safeguard your future in the simplest ways.

Are you looking to apply for life insurance? Do you want a policy that doesn’t require a medical exam or blood test? Then click here to get started by answering just a few health questions.

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